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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to (Lower part [We or This website] ), a whole new mission and website, A one-stop website including information, videos and online shopping. In order to get the best experience when using our website, please carefully read the Terms and conditions below.

 Information Part
 Related Copyright Claim

All the contents & copyright in this website, including pictures and text contents, design, trademarks and other items. Unless noted, otherwise all rights reserved to Digital Delivery Services Ltd. Unless authorization or using it in a spcified range, or liscensed by the copyright holder, any reprinting or copying the contents above. Including copying, editing, redistribution, selling etc. All acts will be treated as a copyright infringement, We will maintain all accountability rights.

If you want to reprint the contents of this website, you must need to make a written application, compliance with specific terms will be considered first. is also protected by the disclaimer (See below for deatails), but we will try our best to maintain of all information in this website, in order to protect your rights.


If you are aurthorised to reprint the contents of this website, please maintain its accuracy and integrity. If the reprinter modifes itself leads of loss of the third party, we will not be taking the responibility; at the meantime, no warranty will be made for the reprinter.

We can change the contents of the website and suspends operation if needed, there will be no notice, and no need to confess to any person or unit.

 Every message or content we provide, we will try our best to maintain its accuracy; however,  if our content or message we provide caused any loss, we will not taking this responsibility; users who have used this site should be responsible for their own responsibilities.

 Links to this website via this website, other websites or outer links

In this website, there will be links connected the the third party, the links that we provide is only for making the user browsing more easier, and does not mean that our company recommend or accredit that website, or any direct an indirect relationship. We will not be taking the responsibility of there is  loss due to links to other websites, will not be taking the responsibility because of inaccurate or unreliable content of other websites.

If you wish to go to this website, it's free in principle; if you didn't go the destination you wanted in this website, you may reject to enter.

Shopping part

Thank you for selecting ddslifestyle to shop, before you place an order in our website, we will need you to agree these terms of sale.


In these terms of sale, "we" means this website ( "we" and "our" to explain); and "you" means our product's customer or potential customers ( "your" to explain )

 The odering process 

A contract invitation is created by our website's products, and your ordering product has a contract offer. Before we follow the procedures deatails below and accept your order, the contract between you and us hasn't become effective.

To enter into a contract to purchase our products, you will need to take the following steps:

    First you must add the product to the shopping cart and then check out;
    If you are a new customer, you can create an account on our website and log in, or choose to check out directly, choose to check directly will not be able to check the progress details of the goods on the website, if you are an existing customer, please log in to your account;
    Once you are logged in, you must confirm your order and agree to these terms of sale;
    You will be transferred to the charges page and they will process your payment;
    We will then send out an initial confirmation;
    Once we have confirmed that we are able to meet your order, we will email the order to the email address registered on your order (at this point, your order will become a legally binding contract), otherwise we will confirm by e-mail that we are unable to meet your order, so please confirm that the email address is correct.

We will not submit a special terms of sale to you for your order. We may update the version of the Terms of Sale on the Website from time to time, and we do not guarantee that the version you agreed to at the time of order will remain up-to-date. Therefore, we recommend that you download and print a copy of the sales record and these terms.

Before you place your order, make sure there are any incorrect entries in the contents of your shopping cart. You can edit and update orders for your shopping cart to correct these incorrect entries.


Not all products can be purchased online, please note the stock status before purchase.

Price and Payment

The prices of the products listed on our website. Since the website contains many products, it is possible that the price tag is incorrect. We will verify the price as part of the sales process to ensure that the price of the product is correctly marked when you pay.

In addition to the price of the product, you will be charged shipping charges, which will be indicated when you pay for the product.

After submitting your order, a payment must be made. If no funds are received for all products. We may withdraw the product and cancel the contract between us, and the prices on all websites do not include VAT (if applicable).

All products must be paid according to the instructions on the website.

The price of the product is subject to change at any time, but the change will not affect the contract that is already in effect.